About Us

Welcome, We love eating food, plant based food to be specific and we love great music, we have been brought up on delicious home cooked food. So we decided to share the tasty goodness of plant-based food and the numerous benefits of music. Our vision is to see more people connect healthy food with music and the benefits they both bring to their wellbeing. Every time you order a meal you get a playlist of undiscovered artists, our menu is a mixture of British cuisine with a Caribbean flavour. We want to support the undiscovered music artists and give some of our food to the less fortunate of our community. We hope that this amazing pairing of healthy food and authentic music will have a positive contribution to your wellbeing. From Hannah, Clive & Marva

Monthly Featured Artist: Imogen Mahdavi

London-based singer-songwriter Imogen Mahdavi is known for her unique and rich vocals, which tell a thousand stories. With a slew of wistful indie-pop releases under her belt, the musician has forged her own path, carving her name with her beautifully introspective creations. Radiating with sincerity and grace, Imogen is unlike anything you have heard before.

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday
12pm - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday



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